About Us

The I&C Shippers and Suppliers Group, or ICoSS, was created in 2009 to provide independent non-domestic suppliers with a forum to discuss developments in the gas & power retails sector that were of common interest. Since its inception, the level of interaction required in market developments has increased significantly and so ICoSS has played an increasingly important role in ensuring that its members can influence and shape industry initiatives from Government, the Regulator and domestic suppliers. The profile of ICoSS has also substantially increased and is seen as representing the views of non-domestic suppliers in retail matters as a collective body.

Membership of the ICoSS is open to all entities that have a Gas and/or Electricity Shipper or supply Licence and seek to exclusively supply non-domestic Gas and/or Electricity customers.  Membership is open to licence holders who supply wholesale gas or electricity on a commercial basis to Domestic Supplier organisations they are not affiliated to.